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With greater emphasis within the built environment industry to make more sustainable choices through material selection, SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer is an environmentally friendly wood solution. Learn more about what initiatives we have in place to support your sustainable decision making. 


As an operating business of See Limited, sustainability is an important part of Inspired Surfaces' ethos. 

We are passionate about taking positive steps to become Net Zero by 2030 as a Group of companies and are playing our part to address the climate crisis.

By working with recognised experts in the subject of sustainability, including environmental consultants EcoAct, we have confidence and validation in the steps that we are taking as part of See Limited to reduce our carbon footprint. 


Our approach encompasses the Japanese Mottainai culture of respecting resources and not wasting them, along with an inherent recognition of their value.

Selected from biodiverse and healthy managed forests, along with our technology of slicing incredibly thin veneer, SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer maximises yields by approximately 300%. From an environmental perspective this slicing technology means that the same volume of real wood veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one!


By producing verified documentation through a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration
(EPD) from cradle-to-grave, we are able to openly share environmental data on the performance of SanFoot®.
Carbon Neutrality of SanFoot® is achieved from Cradle-to-Gate.

We take responsibility for the carbon emissions generated from the manufacture of the material as well as the carbon associated with the handling of the material throughout the supply chain including transportation, distribution, and delivery to the job site.

Through our carbon management programme, we offset the carbon emissions associated with SanFoot® from
the moment its produced to the moment it's delivered to our customer by investing in Gold Standard carbon credits
supporting global projects.


We value the significance of the natural resource that we use to produce SanFoot® which is why we have committed
to planting one tree for every sheet of SanFoot® sold through Inspired Surfaces, replenishing and growing forests
for the future.

Working in Partnership with (more:trees) we are supporting global tree planting projects.

Each tree planted sequesters up to 0.3 tonnes of carbon over its growth life making a difference to communities
and ecosystems around the world

FSC® certified

The majority of SanFoot® species are available to order as FSC® certified, meeting the requirements of the Forest
Stewardship Council®. We are proud to be an FSC® certified company, playing our part to address the climate crisis
and adapt for climate change.


If you would like to know more about SanFoot® or would like to discuss a project please contact our team

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